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tournament rules


    1. Teams are required to have birth certificates for each player if asked.

      Coaches of BOTH TEAMS are required to confirm final score with Umpire at conclusion of the game; TEXT FINAL SCORE + INNINGS PITCHED TO 330.550.6627.

      The Home Team’s score book will be considered the official book.

      1. ​Example: “Hawks 4 - Titans 1. #3 = 3 IP; #12 = 2 IP

  2. Baseballs

    1. ​Balls will be provided at start of game and are to BE RETURNED TO UMPIRE AT CONCLUSION OF GAME.

    2. Teams are responsible for retrieving foul balls and returning to gameplay.

    3. If balls are lost, teams are responsible for replenishing during gameplay.


    1. 8U-12U = 6-inning games.  

    2. 14U = 7-inning games.

    3. Mercy Rule: 

      1. 12 runs after 3 innings

      2. 10 runs after 4 innings

      3. 8 runs after 5 innings


    1. [8U-12U]: During Pool Play, No inning will begin after the 105-minute mark. The current inning may finish.

      1. [8U-12U]: during Bracket Play (Sunday), no new inning will begin after a 120 minutes. The current inning may finish.

    2. [13-14U]: due to daylight, a 120-minute timeline is a HARD STOP. Meaning, the game ends as soon as the 120-minute time limit is reached. This includes Bracket Play (Sunday) but not Championship Games.

      1. ​In this scenario, scores revert back to the previous inning. 

    3. [8U-14U]: Time Limit will not be enforced during Championship Games.

    4. Games can begin EARLY if the previous game ends early. Teams should be prepared to play 45 MINUTES earlier than their scheduled time.


    1. 8U = Coach Pitch; 60’ bases

    2. 10U = 46’ mound, 60’ bases

    3. 12U = 50’ mound, 70’ bases

    4. 14U = 60’ mound, 90’ bases


    1. Teams may choose to bat 9, 10 (9 hitters plus Extra Hitter), or the entire lineup. Teams must clarify prior to each game.

    2. The EH may be positioned in the field at any time without affecting the batting order.

    3. All “original” starters, including the EH, may be removed from the game for the substitute and reentered ONE time each.

      1. Teams must report substitutions to the opposing bookkeeper.

      2. Players reentering the lineup must return to the original position in the batting order from which they were removed.

      3. Subs may reenter the game unlimited times.

    4. A courtesy runner for the catcher is allowed when there are 2 outs.

      1. The courtesy runner can be any player on the bench, or the player who made the last out.


    1. [8U]: No lead-offs or steals.

    2. [10U]: no lead-offs; runners may leave base when ball crosses plate.

    3. [11-14U]: lead-offs, pick-offs allowed.

    4. Dropped 3rd Strike

      1. 8U: not applicable

      2. 10-14U: live ball

    5. Runners must look to avoid contact with defenders. Slide or adjust to avoid collision.

    6. If a baserunner intentionally initiates contact, the Umpire reserves the right to call the runner out.

    7. During a play at the plate, the runner may:

      1. Slide to avoid contact, retreat, go around the defender, or give themselves up.

    8. [ 8U-12U ]: No metal cleats.

    9. [ 14U ]: Metal cleats permitted.

  8. 8U RULES

    1. The pitching rubber is at 35 feet.

    2. Pitchers must have one foot in the pitching circle.

    3. If a batted or thrown ball hits the Pitching Coach, the ball is live, unless the umpire determines that the Coach intentionally interfered. If so, the ball is dead and the play is repeated.

    4. Teams may use three (3) or four (4) outfielders.

    5. Teams may bat the entire roster - must be announced before game starts.

    6. Batters can have up to six (6) TOTAL pitches; batter may continue if he/she continues to foul off pitches.

    7. No infield fly in effect.

    8. Play is stopped when the ball is returned to the pitcher INSIDE the pitching circle. The pitcher will then give the ball to the opposing team’s Pitching Coach to throw another pitch.

      1. Players are to remain at the currently-occupied base.

      2. The umpire will use chalk lines to determine the runner’s last occupied base.

  9. BATS

    1. All bats must be stamped with the USSSA (1.15 BPF), USA Baseball, or BBCOR stamp.

    2. 14U = no lighter than a drop-5


    1. One pitch in an inning constitutes ⅓ of an inning pitched


    3. Managers: use good judgment on the health of your players

    4. 10-12U:

      1. 4-Inning max per GAME. 6-Inning max per DAY. If a player pitches 6 innings, one (1) day of rest is required. 9-inning max per tournament.

    5. 13-18U:

      1.  7-Inning max per GAME. 7-Inning max per DAY. If a player pitches 7 innings, one (1) day of rest is required. 10-inning max per tournament.

    6. 10U will not be called for balks. 

    7. 12U will receive one warning for balks. After the warning, a balk allows runners to advance one base.

    8. 14U will not receive a warning. A balk allows runners to advance one base.


    1. Teams should be prepared to adjust to rain. Games may be pushed back, or moved up in an effort to complete games.

    2. Time limits may be adjusted to accommodate weather.

    3. Games stopped due to weather will begin exactly where they left off.

      1. Unless 3 innings are completed; or, if the home team leads after 2.5 innings. Such games are considered COMPLETE.


    1. During Pool Play, if a game is tied at the completion of the time limit, the game ends in a tie. 

    2. If the score is tied at the end of the game, but the time limit has NOT been reached, play will continue to Texas Shootout Rules:

      1. The last out from the previous inning will start on second base.

      2. Each batter starts with a 0-0 count.

      3. If the game remains tied at the conclusion of the time limit, the game ends in a tie.

      4. No new inning will start after the 2-hour limit.

    3. No time limits for Championship Games.


    1. Head to Head

    2. Total Runs Allowed

    3. Run Differential (Max. 8 per game)

      1. Ex. if a team wins 12-0, they’re only credited for 8 runs

    4. Total Runs Scored

    5. Coin Flip

  14. HOME vs. AWAY

    1. During Pool Play, the home team is decided by coin flip prior to start of game.

    2. During Bracket Play, the higher seed is the home team.


    1. Refer to the USSSA Rules for any rules not listed in this document:           [ ]
    2. For any discrepancies or rule interpretation, inform the Umpire. From there, the Tournament Director will be called to clarify/settle any issues.


    1. 0 games played = 100% refund minus a $100 Fee

    2. 1 game played = 50% refund

    3. 2 games played = No refund

Facilities Info:

  • Bleacher seating available; chairs + portable seating permitted

  • Concession stand available

  • Ample parking (Cash Only)

Local Restaurants/Things To Do:

For those looking for places to eat or things to do, here’s a quick list!


  • Inner Circle Canfield

  • Kennsington Grille

  • The Pour House Bar & Grill

  • Stonebridge Grill & Tavern

  • Sheetz

  • Wendy’s

  • Arby’s

  • Ruby Tuesdays

  • Starbucks

  • Panera Bread

Things To Do:

  • Double Bogey's

  • Steel Valley Brew Works

  • Sports World Boardman

  • Kennsington Golf Course

  • Mill Creek Park + Short Holes Golf Course

  • Southern Park Mall

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