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2022 OHIO A's

After a successful 2021, we're excited to expand in Year 2! 

The Ohio Athletics consist of gritty, hard-working athletes who understand the importance of accountability.  Our successes and failures are a direct result of how we prepare.

We aim to establish a culture of excellence, both on and off the field.  With access to indoor & outdoor complexes, we take pride in the process of athlete development. We utilize the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons to build well-rounded athletes. 


The Fall Season is our time to separate from the competition.  This, combined with Winter training will be our time to develop skills and prep for the Spring season.  Finally, our teams will play a tournament schedule during the Spring + Summer of 2022.  

While our goal is to win, our main focus is to COMPETE during every game, inning, and pitch!

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